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Mental Health and African Americans

Juandalyn Peters, M.D. Have you ever noticed how easy it is for total strangers to acknowledge that they have migraine headaches, or are being treated for high blood pressure?  Contrast that with discussions about mental health issues.  Somehow, we all have the idea that talking about mental health is completely off-limits. We are afraid to […]

Affordable Care Act

Cheryl L. Holder, M.D. President James Wilson Bridges, M.D. Medical Society “Doctor Holder, please come to Room 2 now!” my nurse asked. Hearing the urgency in her voice, I immediately excused myself from the patient in Room 1 and rushed to the other room. Upon entering, my nurse reported the patient was a woman with […]

The James Wilson Bridges Medical Society addresses the obesity epidemic

The James Wilson Bridges Medical Society (JWBMS), an organization of  local physicians who share the mission of the National Medical Association, the 117 year old association of African American physicians, launched the second part of its two pronged efforts to address the obesity epidemic in communities such as Miami Gardens and Overtown.  The new  Health and Nutrition Program […]

Welcome to JWBMS!

The present stage of evolution in medicine in this country and the at-risk position of minority health professionals, coupled with the increasingly obvious health care disparities, only serve to re-affirm the importance of the Society and the National Medical Association viable, strong, and status-changing forces in American medicine.

Understanding The Causes Of Childhood Obesity

The problem in our society today is not just that some people are eating too much; it is that too many people aren’t learning about overall nutrition. Then, when those individuals end up growing up and having children of their own, those children don’t ever end up learning the importance of eating healthy and exercising […]

Trying To Focus On Healthy Foods In A Typical Diet

It is extremely important in the grand scheme of things to make sure that we are all focusing on eating healthy foods. To put food into our system is essential because we need to have the calories and energy to sustain ourselves. However, we also need to have enough energy and nutrition to have our […]

The Importance Of Teaching Your Children To Be Healthy Kids

When parents want to be in a position that they can truly influence the lives of their children, one of the biggest lessons that they must teach them (but often end up neglecting) is everything about health. Healthy kids are definitely one of the goals that any parent should have, and it’s not only a […]

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