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Addiction Medicine

Danette Arthur M.D. FACP

Administrative Medicine

Lanetta Bronté, M.D., MPH, MSPH

President, Founder and Chief Health Officer Foundation for Sickle Cell
Disease Research

Clarence Smith M.D. (ret)

Robert Smith M.D.

Allergy & Immunology

Rosalyn Baker, M.D., MHS


William R. Alexis, M.D.


Khari Bridges, M.D.

Andy Green, M.D.

Yolande Thomas, P.A.

Angelo Thrower, M.D.

Emergency Medicine

Camille Baptiste-Smith, M.D.

Jackson South Hospital

Herbert Green, M.D. (ret.)

Family Practice

Moses Alade, M.D.

Paula Anderson-Worts, D.O.

Pierre Blemur, M.D.

Katherine Chung-Bridges, M.D.

Olive Chung-James, M.D.

Pierre Richard Edouard, M.D.

Marie Florent-Carre, D.O.

Wayne Fraser, M.D.

Wentworth Jarrett, M.D.

John McAdory, M.D.

Harold Meresier, M.D.

Rudolph Moise, M.D.

Elizabeth Phillipe, M.D.

Harold Williams, M.D.


Alix Lanoue, M.D.

11011 Sheridan Street, Suite109

Pembroke Pines, FL 33026



Gershwin Blyden, M.D.

Internal Medicine

Comfort Adewumi, D.O.

Danette Arthur M.D. FACP

Gershwin Blyden, M.D.

Xunda Gibson, M.D.

Deborah Gracia, M.D.

Cheryl Holder, M.D.,FACP

Deborah Holmes, M.D.

Smith Joseph, M.D.

Zenobia Miro, M.D.

Michael Morrison, M.D.

Michelle Morrison, M.D.

Anita Petteway, M.D.

Victoria Roberts, M.D.


Anne Marie Miles


Kester Nedd, M.D.


Anthony J. Hall, MDCM, FACS


Nelson Adams, M.D

Todra Anderson-Rhodes, M.D.

George Battle, M.D.

Cynthia M. Bradley, MD

Sylvester Braithwaite, M.D.

James Bridges, M.D. (Ret.)

Allison Clark Desouza, M.D.

Marion Colas-Lacombe, M.D.

Sheryl Facey, M.D.

Cecil Jonas, M.D. (Ret)

Christ-Ann Magloire, M.D.


Sulayman Jallow, M.D.

Reginald McKinney, M.D.

Orthopedic Surgery

Mark Wilson Bridges, M.D.

Institute for Child and Family, Inc.

Julian Cameron, M.D.


Ouida Bridges, M.D.

Edith Davis, M.D.

Donald Dixon,M.D.

Stephanie Henry, M.D.

Rufus Joseph, M.D.

Michelle A. Kirwan, M.D.

Gina Morgan-Smith M.D., FAAP

Rozalyn Paschal-Thomas, M.D.

Bruce Peters, D.O. FAAP,

Dazelle Simpson, M.D. (Ret.)

Plastic Surgery

Wendell Perry, M.D.

305-754-0750 (f) 754 217 4125


Percy Lee Nelson, DPM, PA


Juandalyn Peters, M.D.

Joseph Poitier, M.D.

Delvena Thomas, M.D.

Public Health

Roderick K. King, M.D. MPH


Humphrey Jones, M.D.

George Simpson, M.D. (ret.) 


Angelo Gousse, M.D.

Barbara Montford, M.D.